My crazy beliefs.

crazyWe’re a “seeing is believing” kind of people.  We’re a “oh yeah, prove it” kind of people.  We’re a “unless you’ve got solid evidence, then I’m not buying it” kind of people.  If its any consolation, people have been like us since the beginning of recorded history.  What’s worse, even after evidence has been shown and facts proven, we can still slip into being unconvinced and needing re-convincing.  Anybody remember the struggles God had with Moses and the Israelites?  Anybody remember OJ?

I’ve been thinking about what I believe.  And you know what?  It’s crazy.  It really is.  I believe some crazy stuff, I admit it.

  • I believe in a God I can’t see.
  • I believe that this God spoke every bit of the natural universe into existence.  Yep, I said spoke.
  • I believe God made humans with his own two hands (I’m guessing he has hands) like a potter with clay, and then breathed his own breath of life into them.
  • I believe God called a man well into his AARP years to build a gigantic boat which would house 2 of every animal and save him and his family from a worldwide flood.
  • I believe God gave the people he created rules to follow just to show them they can’t follow rules and thus can’t save themselves and thus needed him to save them.
  • I believe God sent His only Son Jesus to earth by way of a teenage virgin named Mary.  Yep, I believe God caused Mary to be pregnant.  How?  I don’t have the slightest clue.
  • I believe the Son of God was born quietly, lived perfectly, and died sacrificially on a Roman cross to pay for the sins of the world–yours and mine.  Why? Because God has always longed for a love relationship with the people he created.
  • I believe that man died on that tree, was buried in a tomb, and brought Himself back to life 3 days later…just like he said he would on multiple occasions prior to his crucifixion.
  • I believe Jesus did all that living, dying, and living again for no other reason then to offer me and you a way to come back to God despite my sins.
  • I believe that one day I will physically die and in that moment I will literally be with Jesus for eternity.

(This is where it gets even crazier.) 

  • I believe that one day (no one but God knows when) the sky will split open and the armies of heaven, led by Jesus Himself will return to earth.  Yep, I believe that this earth we are currently standing on will be ruled by Jesus in the peace that only Jesus can provide.  No more presidents, no more kings, no more dictators, no more ambassadors.  Just Lord Jesus.


Now, I think about those who know me, or knew me, or who I have yet to meet.  When they learn this stuff about me, they very well may think “that guy is crazy for believing that stuff”.  But I suppose that’s okay because I can’t bring myself to have the faith to believe otherwise….

  • That there is no God and that we’re all results of some random cosmic collision billions of years ago or in any other way that we’re not an incredibly thought-out creation from an incredibly creative creator.
  • That our species was once a single-celled something-or-other in some primordial ooze dripping from a crater somewhere on earth.
  • That that cell became two, then 4, then a fish, then had legs, then grew hair, then walked upright, then became moral, then civilized, then built cars, planes, and the internet.
  • That none of this life has meaning, or purpose, or impact.
  • That there is no hope, peace, or reason in life because all those things can only come from design and a designer.  Since there’s no designer, there’s no such thing as hope, peace, or reason.
  • That the highest goal in life on earth is to “do good” and “be nice”.
  • That when my life is over I do nothing more than fertilize the ground I’m buried in.


So what crazy stuff do YOU believe?

11 thoughts on “My crazy beliefs.

    • Oops. This is Juliana. I must have linked my WordPress account to our vacation condo rental website at some point, which is why my name came up as escapetohiltonhead. Did I mention I know a great little vacation place to rent with super-nice owners?? 😉 Hope you had a great birthday yesterday.

      • Thanks Juliana! “Vacation condo rental”? Sounds swanky! I did have a great birthday! And you may have heard that youth pastors don’t ever need a vacation due to the easy life we lead; eating pizza, sleeping in, playing Xbox, and hanging out with teenagers. Yeah, we pretty much live on vacation.

      • Swanky? Well, I think you’re probably the first person to mention that word and me in the same paragraph, but hey, I’ll take it! Better late than never, I always say

        Glad you had a great birthday, and enjoy that endless vacation of yours. Don’t get a thumb cramp playing too much Xbox. Definitely don’t want to overdo it on vacation, you know.

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