About Jerry

As a Thank You for visiting this page, I’ll keep it short.

I was born in the sticks, raised at the beach, and I’m a lover of the city.

I’ve been hooked through the ear, shot in the neck, and nearly paralyzed.  All before my teen years.

I’ve been in fulltime student ministry since 1995. At my first internship, I grew that youth group from 4 teens to 1.  (I’ve learned a few things since then.)

Since 2004 I have been serving as Pastor of Student Discipleship at Southside Church in the Richmond VA area.

I’ve been married to my girlfriend Merritt for almost 20 years.  I’m probably the happiest married man you’d ever want to meet.  Merritt is the most incredible woman I know, and we have 4 kids who keep me humble and laughing every day.

I’ve spoken at national conventions, regional events, and local churches to students and leaders from all across the country.

I enjoy writing, mountain biking, traveling, and hunting cheeseburgers.  And I have a blog.