Against? Not again.


It’s taken nearly 2000 years but I think we Christians have finally done it. I think we’ve successfully turned following Jesus Christ into something more like standing opposed to a mile-long list of this and that. We’re known more by what we stand against than what we stand FOR. Ugh. Gross.

So as a follower of Jesus, let me tell you what I stand for…
God’s glory
Holiness (my own; yours is between you and God)
Passion for Jesus
Being a husband and dad I’m not ashamed of
People, who are God’s prize creation
Making my flawed faith vulnerably visible
…and little else.

What about you?
Forget “against” for a few minutes. What are you FOR?

I’m not a “homophobe”.

“You’re such a homophobe!”  “Why don’t you just go back to your bible study, you homophobe!”  You’re nothing but a narrow-minded homophobe.”  “Stop spewing your hate, you homophobe!”

If there’s one word I’m incredibly tired of hearing, it’s “homophobe.”  It used to make me angry.  Now it just makes me sad.

homophobia-739571I’ve heard this term used so many times, and it’s always coming from someone who is for gay marriage toward someone who is against gay marriage and/or homosexuality.  But what the person using the term doesn’t understand is that the term “homophobe” doesn’t fit at all.  What they are saying is that you have to agree with homosexuality and if you don’t the only other logical explanation is that you’re afraid of homosexuality. Its just a misused scare-tactic and a terrible one at that.

A phobia is, simply put, an irrational fear of something.  Like heights, or spiders, or enclosed spaces, or planes, or clowns.  I have no fear of homosexuals.  None whatsoever.  Gays that know me can vouch for that fact.

And yet it seems that if someone has a conviction that the marriage relationship should be reserved for one man and one woman, then they are viewed as holding an opinion that stands in the way of the homosexual movement in our country, they are therefore slapped with the label “homophobe.”  I don’t get it. I mean, wouldn’t it make just as much sense to call someone in favor of gay marriage or homosexuality a “heterophobe”?

For all you Christians out there who are trying to fight the tide of gay marriage in America….you can stop now.  That ship has sailed.  The snowball is way too far down that hill and its only a matter of time before every state in America recognizes the union between two same-sex individuals and legally calls it “marriage”.    (In case you’re wondering the current state count where gay marriage is legal is 17 and counting.)  Despite what you might think, I’m not “surrendering” or turning my back on conviction or changing my mind.  I just recognize a foregone argument when I see it, and I know what a cultural shift looks like.  This is the biggest one since the 50’s and 60’s in my opinion.

Okay, we get it.  The homosexual movement is well into the process of changing the cultural norm so that same-sex couples are commonplace and nobody looks or thinks twice anymore.  And we’ve got to hand it to the mainstream media.  They’ve been pounding away at this drum for years upon years upon years.  They’ve played the leading role in the desensitization of this issue.  Congrats.  No matter what I think, say, or do, my children and grandchildren will live most of their lives in a country where homosexuality is as wide open, wide spread, and widely accepted as heterosexuality.

But simply because my conviction differs from yours, please don’t call me a homophobe.  You actually couldn’t be more wrong.  I’m not fearful.  I’m faithful.  And hopeful.  I’m not bigoted or narrow-minded.  I’m not enemies with homosexuals.  I’m enemies with Satan and I hate him for how his deceptions are destroying our country and world.  All I have for all people; gay or straight is love.  And God helping me, I want you to see that just because someone calls Jesus their Lord and Savior doesn’t mean that they fear you or hate homosexuals.

Is there a loving God who made us all?  Yes.

Have those who love Jesus failed at showing His love as they should?  Yes.

Is our country in a new day of identity and definition?  Yes.

Have we marginalized the God of the Bible on the basis of his “irrelevance”?  Yes.

Do we ALL need a spiritual awakening?  Yes.

Does any of this mean that I’m a homophobe?  No.