You’re Not Going To Reach Those 2015 Goals And Here’s Why.

I’m just kidding.
You’re totally gonna reach them.

But in case you don’t, remember…

1. You are not your goals. They don’t define you. You falling short of a goal you set doesn’t mean you’re a failure.


2. Goals are great, until they become gods. So be careful. (Search “goals” in that search box over there for more on this.)

3. Don’t fall into comparing yourself or your goals to somebody else’s. I’m especially talking to the people reading this while on a treadmill right now. (Though I do have to say I’m impressed you can read while on a treadmill.)

4. One of the greatest fuels you can add to your goal-getting engine is to fuel others. There’s a weird thing that happens when you deliberately encourage others. And by weird I mean supernatural. Try it. You’ll see.

5. When you win, celebrate. Maybe you’ve set a goal to lose a pound each week, and you lose a pound this week. Don’t eat a cheesecake to celebrate. But find something else that lets you mark the victory. This will create a neuropath in your brain that I’ve heard happy juice flows through.

6. Tell somebody (not necessarily everybody) about your goal(s). I’ve found that making a commitment to do something and then telling no one about it is as good as not making the commitment at all.

What other advice or tips can you share with all those goal setters out there?