Against? Not again.


It’s taken nearly 2000 years but I think we Christians have finally done it. I think we’ve successfully turned following Jesus Christ into something more like standing opposed to a mile-long list of this and that. We’re known more by what we stand against than what we stand FOR. Ugh. Gross.

So as a follower of Jesus, let me tell you what I stand for…
God’s glory
Holiness (my own; yours is between you and God)
Passion for Jesus
Being a husband and dad I’m not ashamed of
People, who are God’s prize creation
Making my flawed faith vulnerably visible
…and little else.

What about you?
Forget “against” for a few minutes. What are you FOR?

2 thoughts on “Against? Not again.

  1. Jerry, I appreciated this very much, because I always like to know what people believe in & want versus what they don’t want–too much negativity! Thanks! Dave

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