Remembering that run I took just now…

This morning–just a little while ago in fact–God said something to me:

“Let’s go for a run.”

My gentle, submissive response was simply:

“What are you, crazy?!?  It’s like 9 a.m. and its already 90 degrees out there.  The humidity is topping 8 billion percent!  And don’t even get me started on the winter weight I vowed to shed before summer and here we are mid-July and I’ve just resolved that I need to keep it on in order to stay warm this coming winter.  A run?  Think again, God.”

But God persisted.  “Let’s go for a run.”

Since my first soliloquy didn’t do the trick, I figured I’d humor God.  I’d go for a run.  *Please keep in mind that I’m no runner. I don’t like running. I don’t get it. I find the notion of a “runner’s high” one of the most mind-boggling concepts in all of humanity.

But I went for a run because God said “Let’s go for a run.”

I took nothing with me but an ice cold water bottle from the fridge figuring that if God wanted me to run this was going to be some all-day affair and I’d need hydration while I lay in some faraway ditch somewhere waiting for medical assistance.  I left a note on our whiteboard that would surely catch the attention of anyone who knows me…

went for a run

I stepped out of my front door into the morning sun ravaging any trace of coolness left on my face from my comfy air conditioned home.  I gave a deep sigh and breathed out a quick “Okay. Let’s go for a run.”

I hadn’t reached the end of the street before cardiac distress set in.  I thought for sure that “this is the big one, ‘Lizabeth!”  But in a moment it died down and I found a cadence I could live with.  Or at least avoid dying with.  No sooner did I decide that come what may I wasn’t going to turn back, did I hear God speak to me again.  But I think God knew my heart, knew what I was thinking, and wanted to teach me some truths about some stuff.  Hang with me, especially if you’re in ministry (but even if you’re not).  Here are a few things God said:

“Ignore the houses.”…You see when I started running my imagination had someone in each house I passed looking out from their air conditioned splendor at me and speaking one of two things: Either it was “Look at that moron running in zillion degree heat and humidity.” OR “Wow, look at that guy running despite the heat and humidity. What an inspiration!”  God reminded me that it doesn’t matter what onlookers think or say when it comes to me and my obedience to God.  Because you know what? There’ll always be both kinds of onlookers–those who are critical of you and those who are inspired by you.  For the sake of your obedience and sanity, give neither of them much attention.

“Run in the shade.”…As leaders we can sometimes get this martyrdom complex like we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and somehow we find some kind of validation in taking the position of the pack mule.  Like Eeyore in the hundred acre wood, we give off this, “Oooh, I’ll be fine. Go on without me” vibe.  As if the disciple who needlessly carries the most weight wins.  NO!  God said to me, “You see that shade? Its cooler over there, Einstein. Run in the shade while shade is there.”  We all need constant refreshment in our spirit.  Not one of us can run and run and run and give and give and give without getting replenished.  Where is your shade?  Where is it you can go each day to find refreshment for your spirit?  On a spiritual level? On a personal level? On a professional level? On a marital level? On a parental level? On an emotional level?  By all means keep running, but run in the shade whenever you see it!  I foolishly thought my run would be more hardcore, more honorable, and somehow better if I did all I could to shrug off any comfort along the way.  What an idiotic thought.

“Ask me where to go.”…Okay, now don’t get weirded out by this one but when I left my house I didn’t have an idea of my route. When I reached the first stop sign I had to go left or right.  I quickly asked God “Which way?”  God said “Left.” I ran left.  I don’t think we can overstate how important it is to be in step with God and where he’s leading you.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been where you are for 20 years or 20 minutes.  If you’re following Jesus you’re more than likely in danger of assuming you know the way He’s going.  Paul taught us to “walk by the Spirit” (Gal. 5:16).  Its always a good idea to be in contact with God, making sure you’re going where He’s leading.

“Keep home in mind.”…Long before I ever saw my house, I saw my house.  What I mean is I kept my home in mind as I ran.  If you’re following Jesus here on earth, you are NOT home yet. Keep going all while keeping home in mind.  It’ll serve as fuel to run, to run well, to ignore the things that would drag you down, to lean on His direction and power, and to run home without stopping.

my shoes

3 thoughts on “Remembering that run I took just now…

  1. Thanks for your encouraging words! I love reading your posts. I still think you are crazy for running period, heat or no heat! 🙂

  2. Jerry – This is an excellent post. Last spring I started running again after a 7 year break (because of medical issues). I heard God tell me to start running again and I am now running 5 – 6 miles each time I run. I don’t know that I have a “runner’s high” as you describe but I always feel good after a run and I haven’t regretted a run yet. Thanks for sharing your story.

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