love you

I have two nephews, Christopher and Jacob who live in California.  They recently got their own email addresses and ever since then I have gotten several emails from both of them, usually one or two lines each with simple statements or questions.  They keep me up to speed on what they’re doing at the moment, how their day has been, and other various tidbits.  But I’ve gotten the same message from one of them (Christopher) on a few occasions.  It contains just two words:









Knowing you’re loved does something to you, doesn’t it?  I remember how I felt the first time my college girlfriend told me she loved me.  It rocked my world.  It changed my outlook on myself, on my surroundings, and on my future.  I’m pretty sure it even changed my walk.  The fact that I could at any moment rest in the knowledge of her affection somehow made (and still makes) everything better.

Maybe you need to be reminded that you’re loved.  Every day, every hour, every minute, every second…God is loving you. And not the kind of love you see in so many places in our world. It’s not a love that’s earned. It’s not a love that is fragile. It’s not a love that depends on reciprocation.  It’s not a love that expects or demands.  It’s a love that is full and free; available to anyone who’ll receive it.  And this love of God has the power to make the difference in your life. When the ground beneath you feels shaky, its there. When you have more questions than answers, its there. When you feel like nothing is making sense, everything is broken, and you don’t know which way to turn, its there.

This simple and sweet email from my nephew has been such a blessing to me.  It’s been God’s reminder that no matter what I’m doing, no matter where I am, no matter how I’m struggling, no matter what condition I think my life is in, God is with me with those two perfect words: “love you”.


One thought on “love you

  1. Perfect, Jer! I’ve gotten them from him too and that’s what he loves to say. It sends a thrill through my heart that my grandson feels that way about me and isn’t afraid in the slightest to say it. What a wonderful example of God’s love!

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