Getting where you’re going

I’ll skip the part where I give a nod to the fact that its the day after election day in America. You’ve already thought, talked, seethed, celebrated, posted, read posts, commented on posts, stepped away from Facebook & Twitter because you’re sick of it all, given advice, heard advice, tried to unite, sulked, or danced your happy dance.  You’ve done all that.  I’m not talking about that.    You’re welcome.

I live a happy life. It’s a life I’m honored, privileged and blessed to live. Its not an easy life, so don’t think I spend each day strolling tulip-lined paths of cotton balls, sniffing the flowers and smiling to myself.  But so far, I can honestly say that I’m thrilled to live the life I’m living.  While my life is mine and not yours and vice verse, I know there are common truths that can be embraced by any person anywhere.  Let me share a few.

1. Be a friend and follower of Jesus. There is not one thing in this life that will do what that one relationship will do. No social issue, no political victory, no financial gain, no accolade or success, and nothing else on earth will give you hope, joy, and peace like a living, thriving, walk with God will give you. This is not rhetorical. This is as real as real gets.  

2. Live your life loving others. I told you I wasn’t going to talk about the election results and I’m not.  I’m just saying there’s a lot of mud being flung around today. A lot of boo-hooing. A lot of woe-is-us. Now, I’m not a hipster kind of “love makes it all better” type of person. I don’t see that in the Bible. But what I do see is the reconciliation between God and His creation, carried out by the ultimate gift of love–the gift of Jesus’ sacrifice that paid for your freedom. It’s that love that will ultimately prevail.  Not a “peace at all costs” kind of love that says anything goes as long as we humans love each other. That’s not actually love at all. The love I’m talking about seeks God’s best in the lives of others; but only after you have embraced it for yourself.  As the saying goes, “You can’t give what you ain’t got.”

3. Go back home. For way too long, our families have been neglected to the detriment of our society. Husband, you need to love your wife and lay down your life for her. More to the point: look for and do things that bless her and help her.  Clean the dishes after the meal she cooks. Or cook the meal so she gets a break. Kiss her neck for no reason. Send her on an hour (or two) errand to Starbucks or Panera and make sure she’s got money to buy herself her favorite, biggest, whatever-it-is.  Stop making the TV your favorite after-dinner companion. Write her a love note and stick it to her steering wheel once in a while. Wife, you need to love your husband with a respect that empowers him to lead your marriage and family. Ask for his input on decisions, big or small. Let him know how much you appreciate what he does to provide for you and your family. Send him an amorous text message in the middle of his day with no other goal than to make him smile (and blush).  Husbands and wives need to return home, return to family, and–with God’s help–rebuild all that those words mean.


Three simple things more people need to do.

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