Are we supposed to hate hate?

Well, it happened again.  Remember last week when I got a text message from a stranger who turned out to be sending the text message to a wrong number which was mine?  Sure you do.  If not, read it here.

Well, I turned my phone on this morning and sure enough there’s another text message.  This one was more….um….shall we say….”to the point”:

“Do you hate me this much that you are trying to ruin me? I thought you were better than that. What did I ever do to deserve this? How could you?”

Before I had a chance to respond (‘cuz you know I wanted to), they sent another text moments later: “Sorry wrong number”.

Do you want to know which word struck me the most?  The word “hate“.  If you’ve got a soul, hearing that word always kind of stings, doesn’t it?  Especially when it goes from one human to another.  But we were never created to have that emotion toward one another.  Ever.  When we do, it eats away at our humanity. We become less.

Where does hatred fit into the human experience? Are we ever sanctioned by God to hold hatred in our hearts?  Toward whom? Or toward what?

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