Own the season

I’ve been following Jesus long enough to know that this journey comes with its ups ‘n’ downs, its losts ‘n’ founds, its silences ‘n’ sounds.  I have run the gammut of sensing that Jesus is using my life like a hand uses a glove, to being in places where He seems nowhere to be found.

But in a strange way, what comforts me most is that both of those places are real.  Those “mountaintops” are just as real in my life as those “valleys”.  This tells me that no matter where I am on the continuum, it all remains authentic.  If the highs validated my faith and the lows made it seem non-existent, then I’d be in a more dire position than I am.

As it is, I know the truth is still truth no matter where I happen to be in relation to it.  As an illustration (albeit a flimsy one), the Eiffel Tower stands in Paris, France.  I can be standing on its highest observation deck taking in the sights of the city or I can be on the other side of the world, having only seen it in pictures and movies.  Either way, the Eiffel Tower stands in Paris, France.

If you’ve ever felt less than as close as you can possibly be to God at one time or another, I trust this reminder will give you some encouragement. God and His Truth transcend your emotional state and your circumstances. Whether you find yourself feeling closer than ever or farther than ever from God, He remains with you, in you, and blessing others through you.

3 thoughts on “Own the season

  1. Thanks for this encouragement today, Jerry! Very well said… I’m taking the illustration of “Either way, the Eiffel Tower stands in Paris, France.” with me today.

  2. Thanks Jerry. I am longing for the mountaintops oh so much! I seem to be staying in the valley most of the time though. I know God is in control and loves me and that is all I have to hold on to.

  3. Sometimes i feel GOD has left me because i am a sinner and the blessings flew away. But i know GOD is sooo good and he will forgive me and he will carry me to my life’s journey. GOD is good all the time.

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