the middle

There’s a great show on TV these days called “the middle”.  It reminds me of my own family quite often.  If you’ve seen the show and know the youngest character named “Brick”, you should know that my youngest son ALSO repeats himself under his breath.  Before the first time we saw the middle, we just figured it was a quirky thing all his own.

In a recent episode, Sue (the only daughter of the Heck family) discovers the joys of youth group.  Sue is an otherwise rather lanky, gangly, awkward and somewhat inept young teen girl.  She has tried so many things and failed at most.  Her mom encouraged her to go with a friend to youth group because “there’s no try-outs for Jesus!”

If you’ve got 22 minutes, head to abc, Hulu, or your favorite online viewing site, grab a drink, a chair, and enjoy.  Enjoy Brick’s struggle to socialize.  Enjoy Axel’s attempts to get girls in the pool.  And enjoy Reverend Tim Tom’s ability to set anything to music.  Hilarious, and as youth pastors go…nothing at all like me.  At least I hope not.

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