Don’t think I don’t know.

Technology is an amazing thing. While I think it has irreparably damaged us as a people, it also has done so much good, if not interesting things. For example you’re reading this on a screen. For another example, it has brought people from my past back into reach. And for those who knew me then and see me now, I’d suspect that there’s quite a chasm between what might seem like 2 different people. Me then, and me now.

And for that reason, I want to assure you that I know precisely who and what I am.

From my perspective, I am a scoundrel attaining to holiness, driven by a love for Jesus.
From God’s perspective, I’m clothed in holiness; clothes which I soil by the mess of the mistakes I make each day. I am fully forgiven and that forgiveness does not give me license for more mistakes, but only drives me more toward a life that pleases God.

It sounds crazy, and maybe makes no sense. But I let go of things making sense a long time ago. But when you love and serve a God who would do such a nonsensical thing as allow His blameless Son to take your death for you….well, things making sense to us doesn’t rank too high on the scale of things that God is overly concerned with.

Yep, I know exactly who I am.
I humbly confess that I’m as screwed up as anyone else.
I boldly confess that left to my own devices, only completely selfish living would be the result.
And I fully take advantage of the offer God gives: forgiveness–full and free and eternal.
NOT because I deserve it, but because to Him,
somehow I’m worth it.

Don’t think I don’t know how crazy that sounds.
Don’t think I don’t know how crazy that is.

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