Oh, something’s burning alright…

Just heard about a church in NC (my apologies to my home state and all the other not-so-whacked-out churches that pepper its beautiful landscape) that is planning on a good ‘ol fashioned book burning. Actually, the only people who might connect nostaligically with this are Hitler and any Nazis that are left.

Take a look at the pastor’s plan:

Yikes. Now, I know that I don’t know all there is to know–but I’m pretty sure burning all Bibles except the KJV is pretty radical. And when I say radical what I really mean is, well…insane. And wrong. And insane. And to throw in the flames books by Warren, MacArthur, and Graham?

My take on it? Publicity. Pure and simple.
And by golly, snap my overalls, he got his publicity!
Good job, pastor!

My plan is to give good ‘ol Pastor Matchlight a call when its all said and done to see if he got any visitors from the event—
—or did he burn them too?

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