When I was young, I watched a TV show called “Doogie Howser M.D.”. It was a show about a teenage prodigy who was a practicing physician, while still juggling the more typical demands of the teenage life. And true to sitcom form, each episode was wrapped up with a nice bow; the problem that was unveiled in the first half of the episode was neatly resolved in the second half. But Doogie concluded each day in a unique way. He’s sit down at his computer in his bedroom and summarize the day’s lesson in a brief quip. The close of every episode found us watching a blinking cursor make its way across his monochromatic screen.

I wish that I had the kind of life that warranted such entries, and furthermore I wish I had the discipline to sit down each night and record my thoughts as I look back over the past 14-16 hours and the activities they held. But sadly, I don’t. So, you’ve got a blog here that is hit-and-miss, more off than on, and pretty much a roulette as to whether I’m going to post anything.

And I suppose that I enjoy hearing from people when I don’t post for an extended period of time. And I’m not just talking about my Mom. Hi Mom! But I think today’s event, though not exciting per se, were worthy of reflection.

My wife just walked in with nasal decongestant. I’m not kidding–for one of them, she had to sign her name for it, swearing she won’t use it to start a meth lab. I’ll be right back.

Okay, I’m back. My day began in the darkness of 5:50 a.m. when my watch alarm went off, awakening me to get showered and ready to go. I was the invited speaker at a men’s breakfast which started at 7 a.m. They asked if I would come and speak to them about connecting with the next generation. I started off by sharing 8 distinctives of the current youth culture. If you’d like to read my notes containing my observations on today’s young people, just email me. I’ll get them to you. That went great and triggered a lot of wonderful discussion with the men present. At about 8:30 I headed back home, feeling tired (wonder why?) and decided to climb back in bed. I should mention that I’ve been a bit under the weather–hence, the nasal decongestant.

Speaking of said nasal decongestant: it’s been less than 5 minutes and I can tell a marked difference. Whew. That stuff works. No wonder you’ve got to sign for it! But I digress.

So after a failed attempt at a morning nap due to incoming texts and phone calls, I got out of bed for the second time and worked on the message I’ll be delivering tomorrow morning at The Mixx at our Courthouse Road campus. I’m excited about that. We’re in week 3 of a church-wide series called “Living Large”. It’s a deep and bold look into the life of Joseph. This is my first time delivering the Sunday morning message since the series began. So, it felt good to get that done after Steve, my partner in ministry crime, got me the outline.

By then, I felt like it was early afternoon, but wasn’t yet 11 a.m. I had some leftover pizza for lunch and then we headed out to our kids’ school fall festival. Merritt and I had volunteered to work a couple of the booths. I manned the huge inflatable slide for an hour and she tackled the pie eating contest table. Fun, fun. All in all, a pleasant afternoon with a huge crowd of people, despite the sprinkling rain.

Then back home we came for a lovely family dinner before plunkin’ down on the couch with the Hotness for a melange of romantic comedy film and non-effective nasal inhales. Throw in a pile of tissues and you’ve got a rip-roarin’ good time.

And that was the most recent event in my day. After the movie, I put the kids in bed while Merritt executed a “covert op” at Walgreens…and scored BIG with this unbelievable nasal spray. Yep, the meth lab stuff.

And it was while she was gone that I was reflecting on my day, all that it held, and Doogie Howser M.D. And just like Doogie, here I am wrapping up my day with a blinking cursor.

If you know this Doogie of which I speak, and you’d like to hear the soothing sounds of that synthesized theme song, have at it.

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