A new low for Hollywood

Certainly you’ve heard about Roman Polanski, the oscar-winning director who has recently been arrested for a 30+ year old sexual crime he committed against a 13-year-old girl. After drugging the young girl, Polanski raped her and shortly after fled to Europe where he has been side-stepping the law for lo these 30+ years.

What has mortified me in the wake of Polanski’s arrest is the draw of support and defense some in Hollywood are giving him–apparently in light of his strength in artistry as a movie director. In essence, the horriblly unspeakable act he committed against that 13-year-old girl those years ago is simply not as big a deal to them as the accodates he had received from movies he has directed. To some, the latter simply outweighs the former.

Can you imagine the lack of class, compassion, and intellect it would take to come to the conclusion that a child rapist should have his case dismissed in light of his accomplishments in his career field? It completely underscores the words I have heard countless times when I hear people respond to the question about how entry into heaven is achieved; its usually something like, “Well, I’ve been a good person, and hopefully the good I’ve done outweighs the bad and God will let me into heaven.” Friends, honestly and truly, if that were God’s criteria we’d all be screwed.

I’m not a big Jay Leno fan, but I was watching his show last night and he was talking about this Polanski story and he too was shocked that some would come to Polanski’s defense. In jest he said, “Not even Johnny Cochran said about O.J.’s trial, ‘But did you see him in that game against New England?!?‘” You see? Not only does one not outweigh the other–one has nothing to do with the other!

But sadly there are some that would, given the chance, speak in favor of Polanski’s freedom. To them, Roman Polanski, the child rapist, should be excused from the justice system because of his accomplishments as a director. That is mind-numbingly insane.

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