Sex is everywhere. Anyone with functioning eyes can see that.
We’re drowning in sexual messages, sexual addictions, sexually inappropriate media, sexual images, and even sexual cell phones. Let’s face it: We’re oversexed.

I’m convinced that sex is Satan’s #1 area of victory and ground gained in our world today. And what’s worse, so few in the Church want to get anywhere near the real issues.

Strangely enough, sex is also directly connected to one of the very first things God said to the first humans, Adam and Eve.

“God blessed them; and God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth…'” (Genesis 1:28)
You want a modern translation?
“Do it.”
“Enjoy each other fully.”
“Go all the way.”
“Have sex and make babies.”

Did you blush reading those? Is it hard to imagine God celebrating sex? That’s because our world has taught us that sex is something everyone should be doing and is also inherently dirty. Satan has taken the beauty of God’s creation of sex meant for a man and his wife and distorted it, twisted it, mangled it, and utterly destroyed it until we have the reality where we can’t even think about it, read about it, or talk about it without feeling a sense of discomfort. Unless you’re joking about it. Then, have at it of course. When you’re telling sexually charged jokes you can say anything you’d like.

We’ve gotten sex so far out of God’s context that we can’t even seem to know the answer to questions teenagers ask like “Is oral sex, sex?” and “How far is too far?” We celebrate songs and movies that portray sex as taudry, casual, and free of guilt and consequence. We pat Hollywood on the back and plunk down our dollars for tickets to movies with overtly sexual tones, none in the context of marriage.

Let’s not get confused: God LOVES sex. He created it for recreation and procreation. He created it in the loving boundaries of a marriage relationship. Take any sexual activity outside those boundaries and you will suffer consequences He never intended, designed, or enjoys seeing.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might be wondering where all this sex stuff is coming from. Well, 2 places actually.

When I got home today, my wife was flipping through a magazine that really isn’t her style. It’s a magazine my oldest daughter checked out of her school library. If I told you the name of the magazine you’d immediately recognize it. I won’t do that because I’m incensed at a) the magazine editors for publishing it and much more than that b) the school library for carrying it.

The other reason is that I was just invited to speak via Skype to a church youth ministry in CA about the issue of sex. Needless to say I’m honored and excited about that. I trust that God will see fit to use me somehow to be an encouragement, a challenge, and a blessing to those listening.

So, what can I say? It’s what’s on my mind, so it’s what I’ve decided to blog about.

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