Taco Sauce

This morning on my way to work, I stopped at the $3 car wash. It’s worth about $3, maybe less.

Well, when you pay your $3 and go through the car wash, you are entitled to use the vacuums in the parking lot for free. So, I slid my Crown Vic into a spot and grabbed the business end of an industrial strength vacuum hose. As soon as I started vacuuming, I noticed that this huge steel tank vacuum was industrial strength wimpy. It barely picked up sand, let alone the other more substantial stuff on the floors of my car. I put my hand against the nozzle and felt almost no suction at all. Like an optimistic dunce, I kept vacuuming and hoping things would improve. They didn’t.

Then, I decided that what this vacuum hose needed was minor surgery. After looking around to make sure no employees were over my shoulder, I disassembled the hose and found the source of the wimpy suction. It was a Taco Bell taco sauce packet. Taco sauce was killing my suction.

After extracting said taco sauce, I put the hose back together and I’m not kidding, I could have picked my car up with the suction I was getting now. No doubt about it: This vacuum sucked.

What’s the taco sauce packet that’s keeping God’s power and potential from being fully engaged in my life? What’s just below the surface in me that is way too much about me that is keeping God from leading me forward into more fruitfulness?

Never thought I could learn so much from a taco sauce packet.

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