Craving to create

I’m a creator. I don’t generally gravitate to things that are already created. I like to write, I like to make, I like to do things that aren’t done; or at least aren’t done the way I would do them.

Silly, I know.

Especially when it comes to ministry (which is where I live), why not just use things that are already made? Why not use the curriculum that so-and-so wrote? Why not use the pre-fab stuff in ministry? My answer: I don’t know except to say that God made me to create things, enjoy creating, and offer them to others who don’t create.
But that creative impulse sometimes drives me crazy. I’ll very often get an idea in my head and think “That’s something worth doing.” But after several minutes of thinking about it, I usually decide that no, it’s not worth doing at all. If I did do it, nobody would get it…I mean, understand it. Not because it’s smart or so progressive, but because it comes from me, and very often I feel like I don’t think the way most people think. Again…silly, I know. And I’m sure it sounds a bit arrogant. I don’t mean it to. Trust me.
Here’s an example.
Earlier today, I was thinking about how the sound of a banjo always sticks out. No matter what the musical context, there’s just something about a banjo that is so distinct, and so recognizable. You just can’t miss it.
And at least in my mind, that reality can directly connect to my life as a follower of Jesus. In my mind, there’s a whole world of truth to unwrap, there’s a slew of Scripture to expose, there’s a myriad of relatable points that come from that simple thought. Not only that, but its humorous, its peculiar, and its catchy.
But I think that’s just me.
So my book/article/sermon series/website/clothing line called “There’s Something About a Banjo” ends up on the cutting room floor. At least for now.
The catch for being creative is to be discriminating, too. Not every thought warrants development. Not every idea is a good idea. Some (perhaps even most) end up being for my amusement, or for my private thoughts, or for my ________________. I don’t even know what else to put in the blank.

Well, I’ve got to run and get some lunch. Sorry for the abrupt ending, but the content of this ridiculous post might be directly associated with a failure to properly nourish my brain.

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