Never Runs Out

We’ve been going to the beach for the last two days; for hours at a time. Everybody kind of does their own thing–Crews loves going out farther, Madison enjoys the shallow water, and Macy would much rather spend her time looking at, looking for, and picking up seashells.

And as I was fascinated by her fascination of these little treasures, I was reminded of a treasured truth of my own. It’s a pretty crazy thought, but I actually found myself at one point yesterday thinking, “Boy, she’s going to pick up so many shells there won’t be any good ones left for tomorrow.” I know it’s a ridiculous thought, but I thought it anyway.

And when we returned to the beach today, sure enough Macy went right back to hunting and collecting her favorite shells, and sure enough, the supply she had depleted yesterday seemed to be more than replenished today. It seemed that somehow during the overnight hours, the waves delivered a whole new batch for her to be captivated by.

There are certain stories in the Bible that I would certainly guess I’ve wrung all there is to wring out of. But sure enough, each time I return to any story in the Bible, there seems to be a replenished supply of truth and practicality; so that what it spoke to me last time isn’t what it speaks to be today. It’s not that the words on the page have changed, its that I have, and my circumstance has, and my understanding has. But far beyond that is the fact that God’s Word is “living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword.”

And so just like my daughter who will return tomorrow to the shore and find a brand new, endless supply of beautiful shells to put in her bucket, so I can return to God’s Word and find it brimming with transformational truth for me to find, embrace, and live out.

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