"Help me celebrate…"

“My plane just had to do an emergency landing,” he wrote. “Engine over heated. Fire trucks everywhere. Good times.”

That was Ashton Kutcher’s tweet yesterday. His private airplane was forced to make an emergency landing in Las Vegas, just a few minutes after it took off, officials reported.

In case you’re not in tune with the comm-phenom “Twitter”, Kutcher (a.k.a. “aplusk”) is the #1 followed person on the site. At present, he has has well over 3 million followers. By contrast, yours truly has 16 followers. One of the reasons (besides insane celebrity) that he is so followed is because he is such an avid tweeter. Following Ashton is pretty much a moment-by-moment, play-by-play window on his daily life. If you’re looking for that “I wanna feel like a stalker without the criminal ramifications” vibe, then simply click “Follow” next to Ashton’s name on the Twitter site.

So, as you can imagine (or have heard), all ended well and no one was hurt during the emergency landing. He’s thankful to be okay, and reassured his fans via Twitter. But then he did something that I personally found interesting. He encouraged his fans to help him celebrate him being alive by helping to promote his latest movie.

And that is why he’s a money-making machine. His life equates money-making movies. Happy to be alive? What better way to celebrate than to plug a movie? I don’t know, I just found it odd. But then again, that’s why he sneezes into million dollar bills.

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