Two Days Left

There are 2 days left to vote on which blog is better: Faith’s or this one.
The results have been rolling in and haven’t surprised me in the least.
After all, Faith’s blog really does have it all, even random pictures of gymnasts.
And let’s be honest, this blog is blatantly devoid of random pictures of any sport.
That fact alone is a glaring support for Faith’s blog over this blog.

Not to mention, have you seen Faith? She’s adorable. And I…well, I’m not.

But still, the poll isn’t over yet. So, I should get back to blogging.

We returned on Saturday from a week away at Kilmarnock. For those who don’t know, Kilmarnock VA, is a town in the Northern Neck region of VA, near the Chesapeake. It’s a very small town with HUGE opportunities to serve people. We partnered with an organization called Interfaith to help bring hope and healing to people living in homes in desperate need of repair. We replaced roofs, painted houses, built wheelchair ramps, and anything else could find to do in order to bring help and joy to those homeowners; who were usually elderly and extremely low income.

Some of the things I learned/was reminded of at Kilmarnock this year:

1. The physiology of the brain and its development is incredibly amazing to watch, especially in middle school students.

2. Serving others is the solution, no matter what the problem is.

3. You can plan good, but you can’t plan God.
Our week was fully of serendipity and miracles. God did amazing things that we didn’t ask Him or expect Him to do. Oh sure, we expected God to do something, but not what He did and when He did it. (Silly God, didn’t you read the script we wrote?) God’s presence was made known to everyone there, I guarantee it. Some listened, followed, and obeyed. And to them God has given power, passion, authority, a new sense of mission, wild abandon, and a fire in their eyes for the Kingdom.

4. I’m still dead set against pranks. And I’m pretty sure I always will be.
Some might argue that pranks do have a place in a healthy group image. To them I respectfully say, “Are you insane?” I’ve never seen a prank do anything but damage property or damage feelings. And yes, there were pranks on this trip.

5. I’m in awe of how God orchestrates things to have the right people in the right place.
We had 20 adults on this trip to lead the 77 students. Every adult blew me away with their passion for Jesus, their nonstop love for students, their examples of holiness and servanthood, and their availiability to God’s Spirit, no matter what. We didn’t take chaperones and we didn’t take wardens. We took spiritual leaders and it was obviously that God used all of them to accomplish His purposes on this trip. These 20 adults gave up a week of their vacation time to spend it sweating, working, and loving students. It was incredible and I’m so thankful for each of them.

I want to thank anyone who prayed for this trip, and assure you that prayers were definitely answered and are still being answered now. I want to thank the students who participated not only on the worksites, but also with God throughout the week. You’ve come away from this experience different than when you left, and that was the whole point.

Kilmarnock 09 will be one for the books, that’s for sure. It was memorable and monumental in the life of this student ministry. And now we get to the work of allowing God’s Spirit to continue the work right here that He began over there.

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