Losing Faith?

Well, if you’ve listened to the Day 3 Kilmarnock Podcast, and if you listened to the special “addendum”, then you know that the gauntlet has been thrown down. With recklessness never before witnessed now or ever, it was declared that Faith Price’s blog is better than this one.

Now, I’m not one to shy away from a challenge, so I have chosen to let the people speak. Look to the right and you’ll see a simple poll (until it expires one week from today) so that once and for all, we can see clearly who’s blog reigns.

Now, a word about Faith. Faith is great. I really like her. But when I’m faced with such a challenge such as this, well….the gloves come off.

So, take a peek at Faith’s blog you can find it here.
Then, come back and cast your vote.

Okay, Faith. Let’s do this.

One thought on “Losing Faith?

  1. Jerry The Trinity makes me Happy!!!Happiness is to know the SaviorLiving a life within Hiz favorTaking a trip that leadz to heaven Happiness is the LORDReal Joy is mine no matter how the tear drops fallI found the Savior and He lives within my heart!!!Bill PomeroyEnon Campus Pastor

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