Starting a book

In these interesting economic times, there is a reported return to the library. Seinfeld once described the library as that pathetic chilhood friend you had that will let you borrow his toys if you’ll just be his friend.

I was meeting with my boss the other day and he suggested a book. And wouldn’t you know it? The good ‘ol library came through for me. And not only did I score a free copy (for a month) of the book I was looking for, but I got more than that too. (Have you ever gone to the library and walked to the check out counter with so much stuff in your arms that you wonder if they’re actually going to let you check out this much stuff?) I also found a documentary dvd on Bruce Lee. Did you know that Bruce Lee’s punches were so fast that filmmakers had to actually slow the film down in order to see them? When I heard that I wondered, “what else don’t I know about Bruce Lee?”

Another book I picked up is titled “The Big Moo”. Sounds like a Dr. Seuss, but it was actually in the leadership/business section. Which, ironically enough is right next to the “religion” section. Coincidence? I’ll be sure to ask Mr. Dewey next time I run into him.

So, I’ve got my books and a couple dvds and before even leaving the library I crack open The Big Moo and begin to read. Instantly enjoyable, my mind is engaged and I think to myself, “Wow, I can’t wait to get some time to read more of this.” If I had a nickel for every time I’ve thought that and yet never finished the book…well….I’d probably have at least a dollar. And in today’s economy, that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Case in point: When I was at the library last week I picked up “UnChristian”. I’ve gotten a ways into that one, but not even half way yet. It’s been days since I’ve picked it up. In fact, I’m not entirely sure where it is. You see? Starting a book is fun and exciting. Finishing a book? Well, that takes some doing. And then to finish a book with the same fervor with which you started it? That’s just downright rare.

I’ll try and remember to follow this post up with my opinion on the book I finish. Which book? Good question. Stay tuned to find out who held my attention for the long haul.

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