If you happen to be a “Fiddler on the Roof” fan, then the title of this post might mean something to you. If not…well, sorry.

Traditions are powerful things. Much of our society and daily life is based on traditions. Take clapping for example. When we’re in a crowd and that crowd sees something it likes or appreciates, they applaud. What I’d like to know is: when did clapping start? I mean, who first had the thought, “When I like something, I’m going to bang these two extremities together to show my joy.” Anyone know where clapping originated? It’s a funny tradition if you think about it.

One tradition in my family that we participated in this morning was cake for breakfast. Whenever anybody in our family has a birthday, we all eat cake for breakfast and have a party to start off the day. It’s a tradition that we all love and is there any better way to begin a day? And whoever’s birthday it is gets to pick where we go out to dinner. No surprise here…we’re going to Chuck E. Cheese tonight for some sub-standard pizza and mind-numbing games. And who decided that the tunnels and ballpits should be shrunk down to a corner of the restaurant and replaced with a sea of video games?!? I mean, c’mon! Chuck has lost his roots! But I digress.

Tradition is even a big part of most (if not all) religious practices. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a “religious” person; at least not the way the average person would define “religious”. But I do see that as followers of Christ there are “traditions” that we hold very dear, and rightfully so. Things like celebrating Jesus’ birth, revelling in His resurrection, and celebrating the Day of Pentecost, to name just a few.

All these traditions are great things, and ought to be observed to their fullest!

However, tradition can sometimes have a “down” side. But honestly when tradition turns to “rut”, it ceases to be tradition. Traditions help us keep close those things that we hold dear. Ruts are nothing more than repeating what has become meaningless.

Are there “ruts” in your life, and specifically spiritual ruts? Has going to “The Mixx” become a “rut” that you’re in? Are there habits that aren’t what God wants for you, but you feel stuck in them like a rut? Use the comment section below to share your thoughts!

Thanks for digging deep!

One thought on “Tradition…..Tradition!

  1. I know where clapping came from!Clapping comes from when way back when, and back then people would go up and give the speaker a pat on the back when they were done. Nowadays crowds are too big so we use one hand to symbolize the persons back, and the other hand to pat it… nice huh!Ruts…hmmm…yeah…okay I’ll admit it. A lot of times recently I just have not wanted to go to The Mixx. At all. I feel like everyone’s mad at me for never going to anything,(small group, bowling, paintball, retreats), when really I just can’t go.I would if I could but I have so much to do. If there were events on Mondays, Fridays, or Saturdays it would be sooooo much more convenient. Whoa.I just got way off track.Ooh! I have a tradition! Okay so for every major holiday my sisters and I make placecards and every year they’re different and sometimes we put messages inside of them! Like last year for Thanksgiving I traced my sister’s hands and we made them turkeys and we put numbers on the back and had a contest.It was fun!have a good day/night/ whenever you are reading this!

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