Dandelions in a vase…

I know this song by Five Iron Frenzy is kind of an “oldie”, but I just stumbled across it this morning and it refreshed my spirit as it always has. I’m a big Five Iron Frenzy fan. How big? My youngest son’s middle name is Reese. That big.

And in case you’d like to leer into the heart of the lead singer, Reese Roper, here’s a blurb from an interview he did late last year. I share it because his heart here beats in time with mine.

Interviewer: How does it feel to be someone who will be remembered years after your band broke up?
Reese: Are you sure about that? I try not to think about these things at all because it makes me feel weird. Like shoplifting from God. Honestly, I’m like anyone else who seeks approval from others all the time, but I am acutely aware of it, and I hate that about myself. I know at the bottom of it all, I want to be a part of what God is doing, no matter how insignificant a part that is. I want to know that the love of Jesus Christ, that somehow was quickened inside of me so long ago, is living on in other people because of what I have done. And one day when I am loosed of this mortal coil (sorry for waxing poetic), I want to know that God is somehow proud of what I did.

Interviewer: You were always rather unapologetic about your Christianity and music working together toward the same end.
Reese: I guess it stems from this general embarrassment I have for the behavior of the Church. I know that what saved me was the realization that Jesus Christ did in fact love me. I don’t want any of my own spin, any trickery, or any proverbial dangling carrots on sticks, to get in the way of that for other people. The best thing I have ever learned as a Christian is to just be honest—as raw as you have to be. Then, somehow, God is strong in your weaknesses, and you walk away from it shaking your head because you forgot how amazing He really is. It happens every time.

This was from RELEVANT Magazine, a sweet publication. Check it out at http://www.relevantmagazine.com/

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