There are no small roles…

As I was driving back from the pharmacy to my house early this morning, I passed a fast food restaurant. I won’t tell you which one since my blog isn’t about free advertising. But let’s suffice it to say that it starts with Burger and ends with King.

One of the King’s workers were standing outside, obviously about to start their morning shift. But not just standing outside, but standing with such a posture that indicated that she was either in prayer or meditation or something along those lines.

“And whatever burgers your hands find to flip, flip them with all your heart, as unto the Lord.”
-Colossians 3:23 (NJV)

Because of my own spiritual backdrop, I figured she was praying. Heck, maybe even worshipping right there outside the center of the flame-broiled universe. I suppose she could have been attempting to channel the spirit of Emeril, but I’d like to think she was praying…you know…praying to God.

As I drove on, I began to surmise just what she might have been praying about. Likely the same things I pray for: Strength, wisdom, understanding, peace, and an ability to love beyond my own ability to love. Things like that. Thoughts like this are encapsulated in this simple prayer:

Today I rise so that I may fall– I relinquish my all and follow Your call.
Take my hands, my heart, my soul– When these are surrendered them I am whole.
Make me Your vessel, Your jar of clay– Then fill me and use me in a mighty way.

And in those moments, I was so grateful for a God who doesn’t show partiality (Acts 10:34). God’s love and grace doesn’t give a rip that I’m a pastor. Nor does it care that she’s an employee at a fast food joint. God’s grace is God’s grace for everyone. In fact, its quite likely that she’s more Jesus where she is than I am where I am.

Minutes before driving past her, I was at home and had taken some time to sit and read. I was reading some from the Bible and some from a book I enjoy called “This day with the Master” by Dennis Kinlaw. I wrote in the margin of this book (for the first time) a simple prayer, “Lord, when others are with me, may they feel like they’re with You.” My heart’s desire is for the presence of God to be so evident in my character that those who spend any time with me catch a glimpse of the grace of God, the love of God, the gentleness of God, the patience of God; the character of God found within me.

And I pray the same thing for that young woman, standing outside that burger joint, starting her day with the Master.

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