Who’s Who?

I was sitting at Starbucks recently (Good Lord, how many blogs start off like that?) when I found myself reading the side of my friend’s cup. It was one of the “to go” cups even though we were quite decidedly not going anywhere. Starbucks puts these quasi-inspirational quotes on their cups and this one said something like…
“If your life’s work can be accomplished within your lifetime, you’re not thinking big enough.”
I’d be more than happy to give credit to the originator of the quote, but sadly, they have fallen victim to my flimsy memory power. I have a good friend who passed away years ago who used to say, “I have a really strong memory, it’s just short.”
But that quote got me thinking, as I suppose it might do to anyone. What is MY life’s work? I suppose it’s probably got a lot of overlap to YOUR life’s work. I want to love my wife in such a way that anyone who knows me, knows me as that guy who’s crazy about his wife. Next, I want to love my kids in a way that teaches them to put others first. And then, I guess I just want to do whatever I do (including my “job”) with an overt knowledge that God is more than with me…He’s in me.
I spoke with someone recently who told me they read my blog. Maybe I shouldn’t be, but I’ve been surprised the two or so times that someone has actually told me that.
You’d think, based on how I write/type (toward a reader’s perspective) that learning that someone actually reads this stuff would be underwhelming. It’s not. It’s the opposite.
Yesterday, I went to see a billboard with my face on it. If you have the chance to see a billboard with your face it, I’d say go and see it. It was a very interesting experience. Here’s a picture of me next to me. I’m the one on the right.

Okay, back to the cup. My life’s work, I suppose, in addition to what is stated above, is to simply love Jesus, follow Jesus, and help others to do the same.
Bob Dylan put it so succinctly when he said, “You’ve got to serve somebody.” Well put, Bob. Since I don’t fancy myself as one who’s got all the answers (does anyone?), wouldn’t it just make sense to follow One who does? I mean, if we’re all going to follow someone, it better be the best Someone there is, right?
I’ve been thinking about GPS recently. Not that I really need one; I do have fun laughing at myself when I (quite often) find myself other than where I intended to be. I think of myself as an adventurous kind of guy, so why would I want a GPS? I’ve got a friend who’s got one and he said, “GPS makes people dumb.” Hmm. Never thought about it that way. I guess when all you’ve got to worry about is that little arrow on that little screen…well….”dumb” might be one word to use. I think of it this way.
We’re all going somewhere right? I mean, in life. You can’t sit still without your life going somewhere. So, am I someone who’s going to fly down life’s road with one knee on the wheel, one hand holding the map upside-down, and one hand dialing the phone to my sister who’ve lived here way longer than I am, so she can tell me where I am on said map? OR am I someone who would dare put my trust in a God who made the road, sees the road, knows the road, and knows the best direction for me to take on that road? I think I’ll trust God.
This blog didn’t end up where I thought it would, but few things in life do.

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