How God Works.

How about that? After all these years of walking with Jesus, I still have no clue what He’s doing, why He does it, and even where the heck He is half the time. He seems to be like one of those jr. high guys who walks past you on the left, while tapping your right shoulder. You look toward the tap, but oops–got me again.

I’d like to say that I’m trying to keep in step with Him, but I’m usually wondering where He’s stepping next. If anywhere, that is. Did you ever feel like Jesus was simply standing still?

If I could only pin this guy down, maybe I could get some questions answered.

Our student discipleship ministry is short a few leaders. Sound familiar to you?

So, this past Thursday, I found myself (just a week shy of 35 years of age) leading a small group of 6th and 8th grade girls. It was interesting to say the very least.

I’ll be their leader for the next couple of weeks until their permanent leader takes the group over, so I decided to just go for broke when I asked them, “I want you to take this paper and write down any and all questions you’ve ever had about God, Jesus, Christianity, religion, the Church or anything else like that.” I continued, “Your questions will shape the next couple of weeks we spend together and what we discuss.”

On one hand, I’d say that you’d be surprised by the depth and severity of their questions. But you probably wouldn’t be surprised at all. The same questions would have likely arisen from the middle school girls in ANY ministry.

Later that night, I sat at my desk and perused the questions they had written, and began to formulate how these next 2 weeks would shake out. Would it be filled with “lightbulb” moments for these young ladies as they (hopefully) get these questions addressed, or would they look at me with blank stares as I unfold the mysteries of the hyperstatic union and its eschatological ramifications?

No matter what the outcome of the questions, it is the questioning itself that is the meat of the Jesus-following life. We all have things we wonder about, are anxious about, or even angry about; questions that are either unanswered by God or perhaps answered in a way that we hadn’t planned on. Argh, God. Argh.

But still we follow. Because just like I can’t explain how the wireless microphone works, I know that it does. And on a much deeper and more profound level, I don’t know how God works—He just does.

That’s why I’m sticking with him. It’s because every morning when I wake up, He’s sitting next to my bed waiting for me.

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