On the road again.

In my line of work, there are seasons of necessary travel. In just a few hours I’m leaving for our annual fall discipleship student retreat. It’s only 2 hours away, but when it comes to being away from my wife and kids, 2 hours might as well be 2 days. And I know they feel it too. I hate being away from them. Independent I’m not. I’m absolutely in need of my wife; desperate need.

Last week, though not “work” related, I traveled to Austin, Texas for a wedding in which I was the “Best Man”. While going through security, I’m noticing something quite alarming. It makes me wonder: How long until we’re all standing naked in the airport security line? Honestly, you’ve got to disrobe yourself of jackets, sweaters, belts, and shoes. Head to toe, you’ve got to take a lot off. It’s just crazy. And do I feel safer? Nope, just less clothed.

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