Blue about yellow.

Recently my 5 year old daughter came through the front door after school with quite the frown on her face. I asked her why she looked so sad and she sheepishly made her confession, “I turned yellow today.” Her school has a new color-code behavior policy, where green means the student is behaving well, yellow is a warning, orange is a loss of some privilege, and so on.
So, as sweet and well-behaved as she normally is, I was quite curious as to why her color changed to yellow. She went on to tell me that she received her color change because she was waving her art project in the hall and also talking in the hall, which is against the rules. Well, her art project was a black-and-white checkered racing flag. So, put a checkered flag in a kindergarteners hand and tell her not to wave it? Can you spell entrapment? But she knows that the voice level in the hallways is zero–that means silence. Now, I’m not one to really hound my kids on small stuff, especially when they’ve already gotten some kind of reprimand. So, I went right to talking with her about what she might do the next time she’s in the hallway and wants to talk. I said, “When you feel like you want to say something to your friend in the hallway, just pretend your lips have a zipper and you zip it up until you’re allowed to talk.” She looked at me with a straight face and said, “But Daddy, my zipper broke!”

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