This morning, I visited a friend of mine who was in a head-on car accident yesterday afternoon; just minutes after we had been meeting together. While she is broken in a few different places, she is incredibly full of spirit, joy, gratitude and even peace. Neck brace and all, she lay there in the hospital bed while I stood at the foot of her bed; and she was the one actually lifting my spirits. It’s a strange thing to walk, breathe, and live with God. He can do incredible things like use broken people to bless those who seem whole.

I had gone to be some type of encourage to her, and just to see for myself how she was doing–but when I left, I think it was I who got the encouragement and the overall better end of the deal.

She reminded me of the incredible opportunity that I have everyday to make an impact on every person around me–no matter what condition I’m in.

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