“You should do a podcast. I’d definitely listen.”

Someone recently said these words to me. Now, I know it was just one person’s simple statement and I shouldn’t make drastic choices on one person’s opinion. But let me tell you why the thought triggered some intrigue in me.

When I was in college, I had the opportunity to join the staff of our college campus radio station, WNYK. To say it was one of my absolute favorite memories connected to my college days would be an enormous understatement. I hosted “Awake on the Hillside” each morning from 7-9 a.m. And I loved every second of it.

So when someone says to me that if I were to get behind a microphone and produce a podcast that they’d be a willing listener, my immediate thought is “Really?” and then “Well…maybe I’ll think about that.”

But let me tell you some of my other thoughts about the idea. And in full disclosure I have to say that these thoughts are currently winning. As you read these, think about a step in your own life that you’ve hesitated (or been parlyzed) to take…and think about the validity of your own excuses:

For me, I’m filing these squarely under “self doubt”…

  1. This world doesn’t need another podcast.
  2. I don’t have the chops for a long-haul run, so why start?
  3. Why would anyone give this a second look, let alone a first?
  4. There are so many people undoubtedly doing it so much better than I would. It feels impossible not to compare and end up feeling less than.

In order to begin to address these and other thoughts I have, I’ve begun to put together a simple plan to help bring the project into reach. Asking lots of questions of others in the know, seeking the opinions of the kinds of people I’d hope to appeal to, and setting a realistic schedule (not doing that has been a mistake I’ve made in the past), and putting together a timeline I feel I can live with. These are just a few of the steps I’m personally taking.

I was having lunch with a friend recently and as I listened to him share updates and details of what he’s been doing, I was quietly struck with a truth that is so simple its simple to overlook: When it comes to important life decisions to be made (like starting family, writing a book, launching a business, going for that degree), you’re never fully ready. If you wait until you feel “ready”, you’ll wait far too long and waste too much time. Certainly, do your due diligence in preparation, but DON’T get hung up on the idea of ever feeling “ready”. In my experience, the idea of being completely ready is very elusive. I’m not a proponent of jumping without looking, but I am–and want to be–a proponent of definitely jumping.

What is something in your life or on your mind that you’d do if you could (would)?

What has been holding you back from moving on a dream you’ve had?

What would it take to convince you right now to simply move forward?

5 thoughts on ““You should do a podcast. I’d definitely listen.”

  1. Yes yes and yes! I love all of this and the challenge to us all to start unready. There are so very few things that we feel fully equipped to do and when we do feel ready we’ve often missed the window. Lots maybe all of my best growth has come from learning to get comfortable in the uncomfortable. So, I’m reading this but not hearing… I’d be listening. Is there a link to a first Podcast episode here somewhere that I’m missing? Can’t wait to hear.

    Also basically divine intervention that I even saw this post and on the day it was made, because I’m on FB about once a week! 😳

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  3. Jerry,

        Thanks for including me in on your “Jerrythinks.com writings.  I am in support of you doing a podcast when you feel you have something that you wish to share by way of that venue.  I have listened to podcasts by people that I know & respect as well, those who have been referred to me by friends, teachers etc. & others who I don’t know but may have solicited or listed topics, items that I may have found interesting.  Some were very good, some not so much & others either awful or just not what I was expecting or imagining.

        A tough spot or challenge for you but if you lean upon the Holy Spirit’s guidance, He will help you make the decision; Remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a “weekly or scheduled gig”‘ just when the Holy Spirit directs your timing with His wisdom & teaching!



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