My thoughts on this.

I suppose I’m one of a million or so writers that is finding their bearings in this pandemic situation the human race is facing. Until now I haven’t had the compulsion to write or to let anyone else know my thoughts on this, scattered and unformed as most of them are.

The Covid-19 crisis around the globe that seems to leave no one out is quite literally the perfect storm in so many ways. I’ve never been in the presence of a tornado but I imagine that what we’re all facing is not unlike standing at your window, looking out at an F-5 tornado in the distance as it slowly but most assuredly creeps in your direction. No one knows which path it will take but we do know that where it falls, it either ends life or changes it forever. And suddenly the haves and the have-nots stand on far more level ground than they had before. No one is left out; either directly or indirectly. We are all in for a life-altering journey.

And just like we have a viral tornado wreaking havoc in upper respiratory systems everywhere, we have a media-driven informational tornado that seems to serve as a magnifying glass and in the name of public service only points out the swirling debris along with the damage it causes while diminishing the sense of hope the average human might otherwise have.

When information leads to intimidation, it becomes critical that we establish our footing while fortifying our filters. I’m watching throngs of people being wiped out not by a virus but by a wave of panic. We are being tested and as such we can pass or we can fail. As the name of this website points out, I love thinking. But when thinking thoughts become sinking thoughts…well…time to change course in my thinking.

Can you relate? Have you found yourself wrestling your own mind to the ground, trying to keep reins on where your thoughts are leading you? Have you experienced the sensation of being tossed like a cork in the tempest?

I believe this battle is not merely a scientific, medical or physical one. I believe it is just as much a mental, emotional, and spiritual battle as well.

We stand in the epicenter of the potential complete breakdown and reestablishment of our culture. And friends, I don’t believe I am given to hyperbole. If that statement in any way takes your breath, let me be quick to state some facts.

Here are things I hold the closest to my heart as I type these words:

  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He alone is Lord of my life.
  • “Just one life, ’twill soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.”
  • No person on earth matters to me as much as my wife does. If my physical health were lost to this pandemic or for any other reason, my last thoughts on earth would be of her.
  • I can see that my children know Jesus and He knows them. Because of that knowledge, unspeakable peace fills my heart.
  • There have been and will continue to be mindbogglingly inspirational things that have and will emerge from this trial. The full beauty of the God-given image in humans has yet to be seen.
  • I declare again today that my life is not my own. I’ve been bought with a price. Therefore I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live but Jesus who lives in me.

I’m sure I could sit here for hours more and pound out more of the things that help me establish my footing, but I think that’ll suffice for now. I share all this for a couple of reasons.

First, I need to allow the Holy Spirit of God to minister to me; heart, mind, spirit, and body even as the latest waves of fear-laden information roll in. And He is.

Secondly, I believe that it is in times of trial, testing, and trauma that we all have the opportunity to trade up. Is what you’ve invested your faith in delivering the dividends you thought it would? Is it proving itself worthy of your full trust, the most precious commodity humans have? If you’re reading this and you can’t say confidently that you’re experiencing the kind of peace I’ve shared about, I’m inviting you to reach out to me. There’s contact information on the tab at the top of this page. I truly welcome a conversation. I’m no salesman. I’m no schmoozer. I’m terrible at persuasion. None of those are my thing. I’d simply love to talk with you.

Lastly, I’m writing this because I believe that we all need a re-calibration. While this may not be an ELE (Extinction Level Event), this most certainly will go down in history as one of the most pivotal events any of us have ever experienced.

So here’s my plan. Take from it what you want or laugh at it to yourself.

  1. I will NOT live in fear. I will take every reasonable precaution in order to protect my family and myself. But I will not be paralyzed because I know that my hope is sure.
  2. I will PRAY perhaps like no other time in life. It is in conversation with the Almighty that all other threats lose their potency.
  3. I will SHARE what I have. In a day of grabbiness, panic purchases, and hoarding, I will live a “you first” life. God helping me, I will become far more generous than before.
  4. I will SERVE those around me. Quarantined, I will seek to serve those in my house and as I am able, I will serve those in my community.

This is where I’m at today.

4 thoughts on “My thoughts on this.

    • Recalibrating each and everyday with you. Lord take me back and keep me with my eyes on heart on you and my actions specifically in tune with your word.

  1. Jerry,

        I am sending this on to others.

        Thank you for your most inspiring & encouraging words in the face of the most challenging issue & ongoing problem that all the people in the world are facing.

        Blessings to you & your family / friends as well as Great Praises to Our God in whom we have put our trust!


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