Thinking through attacks

Please don’t file this one under “R” for rant.  Its just something I’ve been thinking about.  And I freely admit its not fully cooked yet.  So, if you’re willing to dive into some dialogue then please read on.

I’ve heard many times from wonderful people I love and admire that when they’re under what they consider “attack from the enemy”, its only because God must be getting ready to do something really amazing. To them, those two things always seem chess-12958to go hand in hand: Satan’s attack and God doing some next-level-whatever-you-want-to-call-it.  As if Satan and God are at a chess board and Satan has moved his knight into check and God is about to blow his mind with some counter-defensive-never-saw-that-coming maneuver. Boom.

Now, I’m not any kind of expert, but I don’t see that kind of idea in scripture.  I suppose in an indirect way we could construe that God is always ready and willing and moving and able to deliver His children from attack, but what I trip over is the idea of using an attack from the enemy as THE indicator that God is “on the verge” of something great.

Certainly our experiences of God’s deliverance can verify and bear witness to the truth of God’s goodness, but when we use our experiences to define God’s goodness…well…I think that’s a tricky, slippery, and even dangerous place to build your theology.

I just want my view of God to be built more on what He has said than poetic sentiment more likely found in a greeting card.

Too harsh?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Thinking through attacks

  1. I hope this makes sense….I wonder if people say that to try to encourage themselves or others while they are going through the perceived “attack”. Once they have gotten through the difficult time they can look back, see they survived and that God was faithful, as He always is, even if it wasn’t a checkmate play (is that the correct term? Im not chess player).The idea that God is about to do something great gets them through the struggle because He has already done the greatest thing there is, by dying for us so we can live for Him.

  2. Given the battle (physical & spiritual) Karen & I are undergoing with her beast cancer, it sometimes helps us to see how God is working through this trial for & through us. Not always do we see an application, but when we do, it is an encouragement. When we do not, we trust that God’s purpose & will is still being accomplished whether we understand or not. Thanks for the thought stimulating devotional!

  3. David (Mr. Faith) I absolutely agree that much of what we say to one another and to ourselves is often more for our benefit/comfort than making some kind of theological statement. You’re right–no matter if anything is said or not–we are faithful to trust that God’s perfect will is coming through.

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