Oops, I forgot to title this one.

The older I get the more I learn I have way more to learn.

In fact, I’d define immaturity as indelibly including unteachability.  Stubbornness short-circuits growth; growth that comes through identifying where we lack sense, information, insight, or wisdom.

And boy, do I lack.

The older I get the more thankful I am that God is absolutely as willing as He’s ever been to lead me into a deeper understanding of who He is and what He’s about.  Because believe it or not, being a pastor doesn’t come with some implanted microchip that automatically gives me anything. I grow, I hurt, I revel, I seek, I wonder, I sin, I confess, I stumble, I worship, I recommit; I walk much like you do.  Almost exactly like you do, perhaps.

So I am keenly aware of my humanness.  My shortcomings.  My ability to maybe look like I’ve got it all (or some of it) together and yet have next to nothing “together”.  In fact, whatever in my life is strong and healthy is simply because of God’s goodness.  Whatever is weak, fractured, or downright broken is because of my flawed state of being.

Now–I have 2 options.  I can wallow in my failures or I can worship in His faithfulness.  


The wallow route will get me not just nowhere good, but everywhere that perpetually keeps me down, stuck, defeated, and discouraged.


The worship route will take me not just forward, but everywhere God has in store; places of peace, joy, & hope to name a few.

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