The Man Cave

This blog started ironically in Hobby Lobby (a decidedly NON-masculine place) where I was with my oldest son, buying supplies for his science experiment when I saw this sign: Image

In the interest of full disclosure, my immediate thought was: “Ridiculous…who the heck is buying that?!?”

I’m all about guys being guys and ladies being ladies.  But I’ve got to admit something: I’ve always been confused by the concept of “The Man Cave”.  Before you call me Nancy, hear me out.

The idea behind a man cave is for a dude to have a space for himself, for his friends, and for his interests. It’s the adult equivalent of the childhood tree fort with the “no girls allowed” hand-painted sign hanging on the door. Poker table, beer fridge, flat screen, dartboard, gun rack, deer heads, and anything else that gives that dude a place of solitude, a place of recess, a place of retreat, and a place all his own.  What could I possibly (especially as a guy) have against such a guyish euphoria?

It’s silly.  I know that silly has its place, but dedicating an entire room in the house for the dude to have fun?  Call me crazy but for me, that room is my bedroom.  *winkwink*

It’s selfish.  I think its good for married men to have a sense of “this is my house” and “I’m the king of my house”, or whatever else peps them up to stand up and lead.  But saying “this is my room” and “I’m the king of this room” seems a bit…well…self-serving.

It’s sad.  Really? You need space between you and your family? You need peace and quiet where you can watch the game? Ugh.  So sorry for you.  I guess I’m the kind of guy/husband/dad that actually CRAVES as much time with my family as I can get. 

I know this blog post is perhaps uncharacteristically rant-like, and I know you might think I’m just whining because I don’t have a man cave so I’m jealousy ripping on those who do.  And I further know that it probably crushes any invitations that were forthcoming to man caves worldwide.  

I can live with all three of those.

8 thoughts on “The Man Cave

  1. I think it’s just a place where the wife has less to zero say on the decorating, but let’s be real, if there is a pool table and big tv then everyone is going in there 🙂

  2. The image of the word ‘cave’ in this term has always conjured up the image of a grunting, knuckle-dragging, self-scratching Neanderthal-level primate. Is that really what the real man of God should be? Loved your point of view!

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