What To Do With An Empty Altoids Tin

empty tinHave you tried Altoids?  They’re overboard in their mintiness.  It’s uncalled for really.  The tin says “Curiously Strong”.  I disagree.  I think they’re inappropriately strong.

But there is something about Altoids that I love, and that is the usefulness of the empty tin.  The possibilities are endless, really. I’ve got a vintage Star Wars “Snaggletooth” action figure.  The AltoidsSnaggletooth tin is the perfect coffin.  Or cryogenic sleep pod.  Next time I play with my Star Wars figures the tin will surely serve one if not both of those purposes.  See what I mean?  Endless possibilities.  You want 22 more ideas for your empty tin?  Click here.

Probably my favorite way to reuse an empty Altoids tin however, has got to be the use our 8th grade guys small group came up with: to bless people.

Last night as I was walking through our church building during our middle school small group hour, one of the adult leaders of the 8th grade guys small group came to me with an urgency in his step.  He said, “Jerry, could you come to our room? The guys have a presentation they want to make.”  I knew exactly what it was.  You see, this wasn’t the first time these guys have reused an Altoids tin.

I stepped into their room and Joseph (one of our stellar 8th grade guys) handed me an Altoids tin.  Its weight sunk into the palm of my hand as I took it from him.  I knew exactly what was inside.  These guys had collected their coins and dollars for the sole purpose of encouraging, equipping, and supporting our missionaries in Southeast Asia.  I took the tin, gave a word of thanks for their gift, and arm-in-arm with Joseph we prayed that the money would quickly find its way to God’s most effective place where it could be used to help anyone in need in another part of the world; a part most of those guys will never even see.

You see why that re-use of an Altoids tin is my favorite?  


What are some ways you’ve reused YOUR Altoids tin?

(What that you say? You want even more empty tin ideas?  Okay.  Click here.)

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