Being a Dad

I’m a Dad to 4 people.  I re-read that short sentence and cringe, chuckle, and almost cry.  I have four lives that are watching mine; first trustingly, then critically, then (hopefully) faithfully following.  I believe that we need to be able to say to our kids more than to anyone else: “Follow me as I follow Christ.”  (1 Cor. 11:1)  Believe me, this is NOT something I have attained but it is always something I’m reaching for.

Tonight, I’ll be taking my oldest daughter (13) out for a date.  As a pastor, I’ve been invited to a special pre-release screening of “Soul Surfer” a movie based on the story of Bethany Hamilton, a teenager surfer who lost her arm to a shark attack.  I’m definitely excited about seeing the film, but I’m even more excited about who I’m seeing it with.

I love my oldest daughter immensely and I love spending time with her.  We laugh a lot and I do my very best to speak God’s truth into her life.  I can see within her a blossoming young woman of God and the only thing I want for her is to be an unashamed lover of Jesus.  The rest of the details of her life take a second place to that one desire.

I think I’ll go get some flowers for tonight.

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