Goals Provide Propulsion

I’ve been thinking recently about goal-setting.  Let me say at the outset that I’ve never really been a huge goal-setter; at least not in the purest sense of the term.  I’ve done fine with lists and tasks and accomplishments and generally getting things done, but goals to me are a different matter altogether.

And while I have known that statistically speaking, those who write down their goals represent those who are generally the most successful, I have honestly neglected this most basic of disciplines.  That is, until now.

I believe the most achievable goals are the simplest and near-future goals.  While “run an Ironman” might be an admirable goal (to some), it’s not one that has a ring of sensibility–at least not to me and not now.  In the interest of simplicity, I’d like to share 3 goals in 3 different areas: spiritual, physical, & developmental.  And in order to keep it in front of me, I’d like to attach these goals to the month of February.  So, by the end of February, I’m setting as my personal goals…

Spiritual: Re-read/study/share what I learn from the book of Romans (I started it this morning and could easily spend all month in chapter 1).  This blog will undoubtedly be a clearinghouse for some of those thoughts this month.

Physical: Lose 5 pounds of fat in the month of February.

Developmental: Meet with 2 of the people I admire (be it online, by phone, or in-person) who are doing/have done what I’d like to move my ministry toward.

Certainly there are more areas than these in which to establish goals, but like I said I believe that simplicity is a key factor in goal-setting and more importantly goal-getting.

With these goals staring me in the face this month, I’m excited (and nervous) to keep you updated on how I’m doing in each of these areas.

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