Might sound crazy to you, but I’ve often asked God to give me more tears.  I don’t cry much.  Not at good things, not at bad things.  No “tears of joy” or “tears of heartache”.  Some might argue that I haven’t lived yet.  That my passion for life haven’t yet risen to a point where tender moments–both bright and dark–bring me to weep.  And to them I’d say, “You’re probably right.”  But be that as it may, I have to say that one thing that does get me closer to (and a few times past) tears is dwelling on the incomprehensible love to Jesus Christ.  And not generically, but specifically.  The love that drove him from his throne to this earth.  The love that puts me at the center of his affections.  The mind-blowing thought that the same voice that spoke galaxies into existence has spoken my name in loving, gentle, redemptive tones. The unsearchable reality that there is a God who so loves me and you that He laid down His life for no other reason than to secure my and your eternity with Him.

We’re 2 days away from Thanksgiving and I’m already soaking in Christmas music and the joy of the season.  I love all that comes along with December: the crowds, the busyness, the activities, the decorations, the food, the Truth Story, and the music.  I was driving to work this morning listening to Chris Tomlin’s Christmas cd called “Glory In The Highest”.  Wow.  Powerfully crafted music.  There is a particular song called “Emmanuel [Hallowed Manger Ground]” and this morning as I drove, I approached that sensation of my eyes filling with tears at the very thought of this God coming to me, coming to you, coming to us, coming to love, coming to heal, coming to show the way, coming to teach, coming to serve, coming to give, coming to die, and coming to rise again!  I fought back tears for fear of not being able to see the road, but what a powerful reminder of just how much Jesus loves us–“…in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)

I found a video that someone put together of this song “Emmanuel”.  Its not an entirely captivating song; that is, until you believe it.  And my desire for you this season is that you will.

“God incarnate….Here to dwell….Emmanuel….Emmanuel….Praise His name, Emmanuel!”

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