It’s a word we use to describe being between there and here, or here and there, or now and later.  My blog has been in “limbo” for quite a while.  And as I relaunch this puppy, I’m making a few commitments to myself and to you, the readers (whom I love, even if it is just my Mom):

1. Positivitude:  Sometimes my heart gripes.  As a pastor who’s been around the block more than twice, I’ve found that my default setting can easily slip into thoughts like “why are people lame enough to choose ________ over coming to worship?”, “when is _________ going to get their act together and just turn it all over to God already?”, and “I think the teens I serve and lead couldn’t look more disinterested in Jesus than they do.”  So, I’m sincerely trying to bridle my mind and steer it in a direction that seeks and celebrates the good, the beautiful, the positive. 

2.  Interconnectability:  Another thing I’d love my blog to be is more interconnected with other quality blogs.  I want to point you to good places to read good things that cause you think good thoughts.  I think that’d be good.  And ever since that “Prayer of Jabez” craze swept through Christendom years ago, I don’t feel guilty about praying for “expanded territory”.   So, you can check out my “blogroll” to the right and click one of those.  I hope to grow that blogroll more, but only with what I consider “quality” blogs. If you know of a quality blog (even if its yours!) let me know in the comment section. I’ll check it out and if its makes the cut, I’ll add it to my blogroll.

3.  Relatability: I love to read comments people put on my blog posts.  And while its true that my #1 commentor is my own Dad, I’d love to read what YOU think about something I’ve written.  Did it help you? Did it enrage you?  Did it confuse you? Do you disagree?  Can you add to it?  Write your thoughts and tell me what YOU think!

So, here’s hoping that my state of limbo will end soon.  And that I’ll get back to a rhythm of posting and reap the benefits that come along with it!

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