Leading the Lady

There are so many pluses to not having cable. We’ve been a year and a half without cable and by and large, its wonderful. One of the biggest differences we notice is during the 2 Christmas seasons we’ve been without cable, our kids are at a loss as to what they want for Christmas, because there aren’t any commercials telling them what they want.

But on days like today, being snowed in and not too much else to do, being without cable means having only a few channels to choose from. Earlier today I found myself watching a ballroom dancing competition. Never seen one? Let me break it down for you. People who look like they have too much money get dolled up to go and watch other people dance. It makes about as much sense as watching someone fish, in my opinion.

Each pair of dancers has a number that they wear (worn by the man since he has more clothes covering him). They go through a series of dances such as the Fox Trot, the Two Step, the Samba, the Cha-Cha, the Jive, etc. And while they dance, a bunch of old people stand around with clipboards and score the dancers dancing. That’s pretty much it.

But no sporting event would be complete without commentators. And one comment made by a commentator struck me in a way that made me think about Jesus. Go figure.

I forget what particular dance the dancers were dancing, but I remember the commentator saying, “The man’s job is to really show off his lady.”

Jesus came to earth for so many reasons. But chief among them are reconciliation (of creation to Creator) through forgiveness of sins (accomplished on the cross), and for setting an example (through sinless living). And now that He is done His work on earth and sits at the right hand of God the Father, He is still at work by the power of His Spirit within us. And Jesus’ chief objective is now to “really show off His lady”.

The scriptures teach clearly that the Church is the “bride of Christ”. Christ Himself being the bridegroom is absolutely in love with His bride. And there will be in our future a great wedding feast where Jesus will present His bride to God the Father (Jude 1:24). And not merely to present her, but to present her “without fault and with great joy…” (In fact, the very same charge is given to husbands, in respect to their wives! Men, read Ephesians 5:27.)

But as I watched those partners spin around that dance floor today, I was reminded also of the partnership we share with Jesus. As His bride, we are to follow His lead, understanding that only when we follow His lead are we truly allowing Him to fully “show off His lady.” Imagine an uncooperative dance partner and the stumblings and fumblings both partners would have to endure if the one who is supposed to be led isn’t willing to be led!

Where in my life am I uncooperative to the leading of the bridegroom? Where am I out of His step? Where am I keeping Him from doing His best to “really show off His lady”?

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