No more somedays.

Like I said, I’ve challenged myself to read through the Bible this year, and I’ve got my handy-dandy BlackBerry to keep me on track, and I just learned that its going to do a better job than I thought at doing just that–keeping me on track.

The Bible I loaded on my BlackBerry has a reading plan that gives me what to read each day. If you follow me on Twitter or if you’re a Facebook friend, you may have seen a post each day recently that says what I’ve read that day. At the end of each reading, there is a button that says “Tweet This Reading”. It’s a way for me to let you know (like you care) what I’ve read that day.

Well, yesterday being Sunday was a full day for me and my family, so I didn’t have time to do my reading. “No biggie.” I thought. “I’ll just read today’s reading tomorrow.” Turns out, BlackBerry is not that compassionate. I learned this morning that yesterday’s reading is gone and can’t be gone back to. So, when I began today’s reading (which by the way is the story of Abraham and Isaac), I did so with a resolve to be very vigilant not to miss a day. And hopefully I won’t. If you’d like to track my progress, just follow me on Twitter or request me as a friend on Facebook.

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