"Daddy, don’t smell me!"

My wife is quickly becoming an authority on how to get stuff cheap or even free. Her latest arrival was a small cologne sample for me. With a great deal of gratitude (since my last bottle was tanked), I sprayed on some of the new stuff this morning after my shower and bounced down the steps to the kitchen. True to tradition, I went around the breakfast table, giving a peck to the top of the head of each of my kids. When I got to Hudson, he said, “Daddy, don’t smell me!” Clearly he had caught a whiff of my new cologne and that smell was NOT okay with him. But it didn’t stop there. He continued, every time I got close to him. “Daddy, go upstairs! Don’t smell me!” If you know about my son Hudson, you know that “Don’t smell me” is his way of saying, “You smell!” And “Daddy, go upstairs!” is his way of saying “Daddy, go upstairs!”

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