What do we have against having a point?

While the past few episodes have been less than, I have in the past enjoyed “The Office” and I’d have to put the character “Dwight Shrute” among my favorites. The actor that plays Dwight is Rainn Wilson, and a few weeks ago I learned about a side project that he has undertaken. In an effort to get a widespread dialogue about religion/G(g)od/spirituality/life’s big questions going, he created a website called “Soul Pancake”. I must admit that at first I was excited and quickly became enthralled by this seemingly vast wonderland of cerebral and intellectual interplay, all under the umbrella of spiritual matters. I certainly didn’t expect it to be a “Christian” site, but I do enjoy interacting with those of other beliefs; even though who oppose my beliefs. I guess I consider it a learning experience.

I scanned the pages upon pages of questions, ranging from “Who is God?” to issues of homosexuality, tolerance, origins, evil, Jesus, and a myriad of other questions–all within a forum where anyone can say anything with one simple rule guiding them: “Speak your mind–but don’t hit below the belt” as the site instructs. With excitement I dove in head first.

I read countless questions and discussion starters thoughtfully. I posted comments on many of them, and found others…well…either pointless or simply uninteresting. If I didn’t have anything intellegent to contribute, I wouldn’t contribute anything.

While I certainly admire the endeavor Mr. Wilson has taken on, my nagging question is “What’s the point?” Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the opportunity to read, understand, and respond to those of differing views than mine. I really do. But after a fair portion of time given to the site, I have come back to a conviction that this site has only served to fortify. That is: When everyone is right, no one is right. In other words, there simply isn’t a reconciliation between truth and opposites. The opposing views “There is a God.” and “There isn’t a God.” can’t by definition be true simultaneously. To think for a second that we can lull ourselves into a world where we’re all right, and yet not be completely delusional is a mistake of catastrophic proportions.

And the merry-go-round that the site seems to be brings me to the question, “What do we have against having a point?” The Soul Pancake site is a site worthy of a visit (to those mature and inclined), but its not a good destination if you’re looking for a destination at all. There are no landing strips, no conclusions, no solidity to stand on. Its a sea of opinion where all are respected, all are valid, all are true, and therefore all are ultimately pointless.

One thought on “What do we have against having a point?

  1. Jer, you have just put your finger upon the one point that makes for "right" and "left" politically, morally, spiritually. Thanks for reinforcing the conviction that God's Word is now and always will be true. "Let God be true, and every man a liar."

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