A supremely uncomfortable thought…

Have you ever seen someone you know before they know that you’ve seen them? Maybe it was in the mall, in the grocery store, at the bookstore, or at the coffee shop. For just a few seconds, you got a glimpse of how they live before they know that someone they know is seeing how they live. Not that they were doing anything wrong; its just that they were unaware that familiar eyes were on them.
This morning, I finished a book that I thought was really good. One of the things that was shared was the reminder that each one of us is living a life that is moment-by-moment being watched by God. And there’s not one thing we can do about it.
The odd thing for me is that quite often I live as though I am unaware of His eyes on me. I am unremembering (youth pastors can make up words…it’s in the Bible..or should be). I’m in line at Panera, and putting gas in the “clunker” I drive around, and I’m making a deposit at the bank. I’m often more mindful of the surveillance cameras around me than the flawless, eternal, loving eyes of God.
But go back to the memory you have of that time when you spotted that person you know before they spotted you, and you got that little window into their “unaware” life. When your eyes did finally meet, their demeanor changed, their expression brightened, and their “unaware” turned to “aware”.
My desire is to live a life of awareness leading to accountability. The truth that we all will stand before God and give an account of our actions, whether good or bad, isn’t a very popular thought because its not a very comfortable thought. That is, until we become aware. Like that friend of yours at the store who you bumped into, I want to live a life that reflects the embraced reality that God sees each thought, word, and action…and loves it.

One thought on “A supremely uncomfortable thought…

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