The other night, my wife and I were naughty. Really naughty.

We ate a “Bloomin’ Onion” from Outback.
That’s 2,310 calories.
134 grams of fat. (HALF a “bloomin’ onion” is your daily allowance of fat intake.)
And we knocked it out like champs.

But the bloomin’ onion had a strange effect on my wife that night.
She dreamed a really weird dream. And this is where it gets interesting. And strange. And freaky. And maybe even spiritual. I’ll let you decide.

So, we had wiped the dipping sauce from our chins and headed off to bed. Yep, nothing like downing 2,000+ calories right before laying down for 7-8 hours!

Toward the end of those sleeping hours, my wife had a dream that she told me about yesterday.

Before I get to that, though–I little background information: My wife’s sister has been battling stage 4 colon cancer for 4+ years. We’ve have been praying all that time for God to heal her. She has gone to the utmost lengths to show God how faith-filled she is as she humbly requests for His touch to remove the cancer.

So, my wife dreamt that her sister was going to live the lifespan of 42 bees. That’s right. Bees. As in buzzbuzz, make honey, live in a hive, bees. In her dream, my wife was told that her sister would live the lifespan of 42 bees. Are you wondering what the lifespan of a bee is? So was my wife, so she looked it up. A bee typically lives 1-2 years; the queen bees living longest, 2 years on average. Pretty strange dream, huh? Well, the story’s not over.

So my wife calls her sister, as she regularly does, and they were talking for a while, as they regularly do, and it was toward the end of the conversation when my wife’s sister says to her, “Oh, I went to a meeting the other night. Guess what kind of meeting it was.” My wife replies, “I don’t know.” Her sister said, “It was about learning how to raise bees.”

I’m not kidding. I don’t know about you, but that freaked me out. My wife had not told her about her bee dream, and to my knowledge they had never had any reason to discuss bees at all. But my wife has this dream about bees, and the very next day, her sister across the country goes to a meeting on how to raise bees. Are you kidding me?

I don’t know what God is thinking. I honestly don’t know why He hasn’t healed my sister-in-law yet. But I do know this: God loves her, and you, and even me with an everlasting love. And that no matter how many bee years we live, we will live them praising the Lord of the bees for who He is and all He has done.

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