Fun = Puking

One of my family’s favorite TV shows to watch together is “Wipeout”. One of the elements on the show is called the “Dizzy Dummy”. Yesterday, my two sons decided that they’d make their own Dizzy Dummy by using the office chair at my wife’s desk in the family room.

So, my youngest son eagerly climbed on, while my oldest son grabbed the back of the chair and repeatedly spun and spun and spun and spun and spun and spun and spun and spun the chair, all to the gleeful delight of his younger brother. Until…

Yep. It happened. The Dizzy Dummy delivered.

The weird thing was, after we got him cleaned up and clothes changed he wanted to climb right back on the Dizzy Dummy. And why not? Who says that flippin’ your cookies means something is wrong? He’s just too young to connect those dots. In fact, the opposite seemed to ring true: Puking = That was awesome!

I’ve got weird kids.

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