High Dive Faith

Yesterday, while at work I got a phone call on my cell phone. I looked at the screen to see who it was and saw the picture of my smokin’ hot wife I had assigned to her cell phone number. It’s a call I answer, pretty much no matter what’s going on. She happened to be calling from the pool we belong to. But I was surprised not to hear my bride’s voice, but that of my oldest son, Crews.

Did you ever listen to someone on a phone, and even though you can’t see them you know they’re smiling from ear to ear? That was Crews’ voice.

He immediately asked me a question–one of his favorite questions to ask: “Dad…guess what?!?” “What is it, bud?” I replied. With bursting excitment he said, “I went off the low dive today!”
“What? You did?!? Oh man, I’m so proud of you!”
“But Dad, guess what else?!?”
“You mean there’s more?”
“Yeah Dad, I also went off the high dive!”
As I asked questions and got every detail, you could hear his smile turning into sounds of chuckles filled with pride. Now, I’ve been off the high dive at our pool. And let me assure you: it’s up there.
My first emotion was disappointment that I missed this monumental moment in my son’s life. But then I began to think about the fear that he faced when approaching the end of that long diving board, hovered high above the water’s surface. And you should also know that this leap took place after only his 3rd swim lesson, so he’s not even that great a swimmer. And then to have no one below to catch you; just open water….open and deep water.
There are many things that can drive us past our fears and into the unknown. But the bottom line is that we must believe that life past the fear is better than life with the fear. If we’re to live life fully, we must, each in our own way, walk to the end of our own high dive, look out into the thin air we’re about to fly through, look down into the deep water we’re about to slice through, look into ourselves for the will and courage to move forward, and look up at see the face of the Father who is calling us to move through and past our fears. Notice that God doesn’t remove our fears–He leads us through them.

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