I’ll publish this one.

I’ve been blogging pretty faithfully lately. But you don’t know that. That’s because the posts I’ve written are unposts–that is, unposted. I think they might just end up staying that way. I write for lots of reasons, and “me” is one of them.

But I just got back from an evening with a room full of friends who all love Jesus and we actually sat for a couple hours and talked about Jesus, us, life, parents, parenting, kids, the cross, and how it all goes together.

One of the questions we were sharing was “What’s the #1 thing that blocks your view of the cross?”

The cross of Christ is central to who I am. It was the reason Jesus came, so I find that more than enough of a reason for me to live. And not merely breathe, but live a life captivated by the wonder of the cross. To some who might read this it seems far too simplistic, even childlike, even naive or infantile. No matter. I’m simply entranced by a love so all-consuming that it blasts past my faults, my sins, my shortcomings, and meets me right here. Right now.

It is simultaneously elementary and yet incomprehensible. It is the juxtaposition of a freedom so profound that the only right response is for me to enslave myself to the One who gave it to me. I’m not a radical. A radical has a plan. I don’t have any plans. I’m just living my life staring at a cross. Not much of a plan, is it?

And yet somehow, the God who created me is also the God who uses me. I dare you to understand that. God uses my life to impact another life. Why? I don’t know. I told you I don’t have a plan, and now you know I don’t have as many answers as I do questions. And ironically enough, the questions only usher me into a deeper sense of mystery of the love of the Father shown in the person of Jesus.

No one disputes that Jesus existed. We all know He was a historical figure. But I have become convinced that He is not merely historical, but futuristic as well. Every person will meet Him. You will meet Him. Some briefly, some for eternity, but all will meet Him.

Is it any wonder why I think as I do of the cross of Christ? It is at the cross where my death was given to Him. My sin was placed on His head. My punishment was taken away from me and placed on the God who made me. I dare you to understand it.

Even I, as practically minded as I am, read all that is written above in this post and say, “Yeah. So?” Where does the rubber meet the road on this one? I guess that is up to each person. As for me, I’m staring at a cross.

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